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There’s a huge nap-off going here at Chez Cat! We’ve been practicing for days and we think we got our techniques down. How are we doing?


Babies In The Sun

Sometimes mama schedules sun puddles for us to nap in. Isn’t that nice of her?


We’ve had some weird weather here in Milwaukee. It’s been going from 30’s to 50’s, and last night we had high winds. Mama had the door open the other day and we got some fresh air. The squirrel and bird channels had some great programs on, too. Even though mama hates hot weather, this is about the time of year when she starts climbing the walls from being inside all the time. She’ll think differently when it’s 90 and humid out!

Another Reason It’s Good to Have A Sibling

They keep your ears warm!


It’s Great To Have A Sibling!

How else are you going to keep your nose warm when you are napping?

Nap Pile

Mama says she’s so tired after working 24 hours in two days.  We don’t understand–doesn’t she have nap piles at work?


Our Entry for the Cat-O-Lympics

Our friends the Island Cats are judging the Synchronized Napping category in the Cat-O-Lympics being held by Fin, and challenged us kitties and woofies to enter.  We are master nappers here at Chez Cat, so we thought we’d enter!

Here we are:

Our entry for synchronized napping

Good luck to all those who enter!