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Kitty Portals–Video Proof

Hi everyone, it’s Lizzie here today.  I have video proof of the abuse we get here at Chez Cat.  There I was, just minding my own business, hiding under the comforter, pretending I wasn’t there, when THIS happened:

Help!  We are not safe from that darn camera!!

Kitty Portals–We’re Under Siege!

Yikes!  Another one of our portals has been discovered!

"Arrrgh! Not another one!"

We’re running out of portals!  We might have to rent another apartment soon!  Watch your backs, kitties!

Kitty Portals

Alert!  Mama found one of the secret portals I use to disappear!  Beware, kitties!  That flashy box might stick its lens where it doesn’t belong!

“Aaaargh–she found it!!!”
Have a great weekend–if you can.