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Rainy Day

Since it’s mama’s day off and it’s raining out, she’s going to snuggle with us and read.  She got one of these things, and we’re not sure about it:


Sorry, the picture wouldn't rotate

It’s small and silent, and we can still try to sit on top of it when she’s staring into it and not paying attention to us, so we guess it’s OK.  Besides, who can resist not paying attention when we are curled up like this?

Mama’s Reading List

So mama was off yesterday, and had planned–after lazing around in bed snuggling with us, of course–to do some cleaning and organizing.  But in typical human fashion, she did the complete opposite.

She went book shopping.

Mama is an avid reader, and gets panicked if there aren’t at least two books on her nightstand.  Here is what she has right now:

Mama’s book pile–this should last her a while.

We like a mix of classic fiction and history, with some new stuff mixed in.  What’s funny is that mama was going to re-read “Pillars of the Earth”, then found out that Starz made a mini series out of it.  Then yesterday she decided to re-read “Brideshead Revisited” (which is set in post-World War I) and then found out that HBO is making a series about post-World War I (called “Boardwalk Empire”).  Funny how things work!

She even bought a metal bookmark:

She loves these because they are pretty, durable, and have positive messages on them.  She just doesn’t like us to play with the ribbons and beads (imagine that).

We love it when she reads, because she’s still for long periods of time and will give us scritches and kisses.  Sometimes we’ll all doze off together.  Reading is one of our favorite things to do!