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Study Break

We ganged up on mama and told her that she needed a study break.

Stay right there, I'm coming up!

Then it was Connor’s turn.

"I'm coming up too!"

Whew!  We saved her from hours of looking at body parts!  That was close!

Message To My Babies

To: Elizabeth and Connor

From: Chez Cat Mama

You know I love you both dearly, but I need to get something off of my chest.  When I’m studying, looking warm and fuzzy and lounging on the bed IS NOT helpful at all.  Also, when I am taking an online test, dancing around in my lap and giving kisses is DISTRACTING.  I know that you both want me to do well so we can have a better place to live in and fancy foods to eat, but you need to LEAVE ME BE when I am busy with school.

Furthermore, please stay off my books.  It’s extremely embarrassing to open my textbook in class and have to clean fur and cat litter off of the pages.  Your cooperation in this matter would be extremely appreciated.

That is all.

"Sheesh, she's in a mood today, isn't she?"

Mancat Monday–Studying Help

Hi, Connor, here, from underneath mama’s desk.  She’s studying anatomy this semester, so I’m being a helpful mancat and staying near her in case she needs a break.

"My tummy is right here to be rubbed when you are ready!"

I think she is going to have a good semester!  Have a great Monday, mancats!

Not Much Going On

Hey everyone, Lizzie here.  Not much going on here; mama starts school tomorrow, and she already has assignments to read!  She has to take this one class to get in to her program in the fall, where she will have to work harder and take more than one class a semester.  There’s going to be a lot of frustration and HBO words flying around!  I’ll probably be doing this for most of the semester:

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Friday This and That

What a week we’ve had at Chez Cat! It’s been a grey cold couple of days here in Wisconsin.  We’ve all been snuggling and drinking hot drinks to keep warm (or at least mama has, anyway).  Mama’s cold is hanging on, too.  She’s pretty miserable!  To make matters worse, she’s on day two of a four day work stretch. 

She had her class for work two days ago, and was stuck in a basement room with no windows for eight hours.   We’re both glad we’re not human and have to worry about these things.  All we can do is snuggle with her and give her kisses.

 I’m warming up the blanket!
And I have the remote to order a movie!  Let’s all get comfy…
In good news, mama registered for school next semester.  The lectures are online so she only has to go to school once a week for the lab portion.  It’s an anatomy and physiology class, and it’s very tough so mama is trying to get everything in order before then.  When she passes this class she’ll be able to apply into her program. 
So everyone have a good weekend!  Mama is off on Monday so the post may be up later than usual.  Thank you!