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Hump Day

Hey everyone, it’s Lizzie here.  There’s nothing like wrassling in a sun patch!  We had just finished a match and are going back to our corners.

Getting ready for the next round!

I like to give Connor a daily smackdown to remind him who’s boss.  It also keeps both of us fit!

It’s Wednesday here, and mama has three more days to work before her weekend off (she’s only off every other weekend), so we do our best to entertain her on her work days.  She’s been picking up a lot of overtime to pay for school in fall, so she can be cranky and not a lot of fun.  We think she really appreciates our efforts to cheer her up, because she calls us her “furry Prozac”.  That’s a good thing, right?

She says thank you for the responses to her cooking blog, also!  It’s been hot, so something cold will be in her next post.  Have a good Wednesday!