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Turkey Hangovers

We bet that a lot of you out there look like this:

“I’m stuffed!  That was some meal!”
That wasn’t actually us last night, that was from a previous holiday.  Mama had a turkey dinner at work last night, so she’s the one who feels sluggish.  She doesn’t think she was burping in her sleep (but then,we’re not talking, either).
Mama isn’t one of those crazy people who stand in line at the stores at midnight.  She ordered a lot of stuff online and is going to try to finish her shopping this coming week.  Then it’s nothing but Christmas cards and baking for the rest of the season! 
Mama may start posting some of her creations in a separate blog, and share the link with you when she has it ready.  With the holidays coming up this will be a great time to start it!
Have a great weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a happy Thanksgiving and make sure you demand a lot of TURKEY!