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We’re Back!

We are back!  It’s Connor, and in lieau of a Mancat Monday post, I’m going to show you what mama was up to while we were incarcerated boarding.

So Saturday April 3rd mama and her sister and husband took off in a plane for the Southwest.

Auntie and mama

They went to visit this:

A giant litterbox? What the...?

OK, mama says to tell you this is from Meteor Crater in northern Arizona, where our grandparents live and work.  It still looks like a huge catbox, though.

Apparently here’s the reason for that catbox:

Miss Pearl

Mama says she was very affectionate and snuggly.  Since she’s a princess (and an older kitty), we guess we’ll have to grin and bear this one (though why she got a temporary kitty and we didn’t get a rent-a-human in jail is beyond us!).  There are two other kitties (Bob and Junior) who live outside and take care of mice, but they were too busy showing off their mancatliness to the women to pose for pictures.

Grandpa was very happy to see them.

He did a lot of this; it must have been the excitement

One day they took a bunch of remote controls to an abandoned building and tried to turn each other off.  Humans are so weird.

OK, we guess they were really ghost hunting in Jerome; those are EMF meters

Our grandparents live in the middle of open ranch land, so these cattle wander around all the time.

She can see all the animals she wants but we don't get our own humans?

Just to show you that they aren’t a bunch of hicks out there, mama snapped this photo of this vintage-style coat in one of the stores.

This was taken with the Crackberry (she doesn't remember what store)

Apparently aliens land in the crater every night.

This would account for all the weirdness out there.

Hence these strange looking cakes.

These were called "Flower Power Cakes"--there ARE a bunch of old hippies out there.

This guy kept following them around.

All right kitties, that's your uncle Mike, even if you don't want to admit it!

They tried to leave him in this jail cell.

One of the cells in the Holbrook courthouse; supposedly these are haunted as well.

You can see the San Francisco Peaks out there.

Maybe it's the thin air and altitude?

It could be the isolation, too.

View from their back porch. The nearest city is Flagstaff, about 45 minutes away.

And while mama did all of these strange human things, we were in jail being poked and prodded by the vet.  We did get a good report, though.  Everything looked good, and they made the shocking announcement that Lizzie has a soft coat and I’m a big boy.  No, really?

We are so glad to be back home with our mama.  We didn’t even yell at her during the car ride, and when we got home we besieged her with kisses and headbutts.  However, that doesn’t mean that all of her heinous crimes are forgotten, though.  Just wait until she sees her yearly review!

Have a great Monday, everyone!  It’s good to be back!

Here We Go!

Mama just told us we’re going off the air a little early, because she wants to wrap things up for school and get some things done around the house before her vacation.    We’ll still be posting on Facebook (which mama can’t live without) but the blog will be back on April 12 with all kinds of news and catly antics!  We’ll miss everyone!

"See you guys in April!"

Dancing and St. Patrick’s Day

In the spirit of Billy Sweetfeets, we have a musical post today.

It seems that mama can’t sit on a plane for four hours without some kind of music, so she has loaded up her Ipod with a ton of CDs.  Because today is St. Patrick’s Day, she got into an Irish Jig mood and put all Celtic music on it.   The Chieftains, Altan, Celtic Woman, and The Dubliners are all on there now.  If you’ve never heard real Irish fiddle music, here is a sample:

This one is called “The Dublin Reels” by the Chieftains and even features dancing!  We’re so proud to be Irish today!

In other news, it’s sunny and warm out and windows are open!  We’re possibly getting the Feather Channel today!

This coming Sunday will be mama and her sister’s traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner, with homemade soda bread.  We’ll definitely have pictures of that!

Have a good Wednesday!