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Dang It’s Hot!

Hey everyone, it’s Lizzie today!  It is hot and muggy here in Milwaukee–it’s only 9 am and it’s already almost 80 degrees!  We’ve been near the air conditioning since last week, and mama is itchy and sneezy.  We can’t wait for cold weather to come back again!

"Now you know why Connor is lying like this!"

Speaking of hot and steamy, Mama was off Monday and went with auntie to the late showing (i.e., NO tweenies) of “Eclipse”, which she enjoyed very much.  We’ve read all of the Twilight novels here, but the stupid theaters won’t let kitties in so we have to wait until it comes out on DVD.  Auntie squealed all the way through it (there were lots of guys without shirts in this movie).  Mama just loved the romantic side of it–she’s Team Edward.

Anyway, we have naps scheduled for right now, so we’ll sign off.  Have a good Wednesday!

Mancat Monday

If you’ve seen a certain post, it would seem that I have to restore my dignity and mancatliness to the world–and all of the ladycats.  After much thought and deliberation, plus a lot of soul-searching and support from my friends, I am finally able to unleash the new improved Connor onto the unsuspecting female population.

Ladies, I give you:

Connor Cullen–able to take out werewolves with one swipe of my soft squishy orange paws!

(OK, so mama is both a bad photoshop artist and on “Team Edward”–it’s what she does to amuse herself!)