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Hey everyone, Connor here!  We’ve been off the air because mama is back to picking up extra hours at work now that the holidays are over.  We’re doing really good, otherwise.  We’ve been hit with some snow and are getting more today, but mama is off so we’ll just snuggle and watch it.

In other news, Lizzie decided one day to run around naked and pulled her collar off.  It took mama an hour to catch her to put it back on.  She said something about us kitties being so mischevious she wants us to have collars with bells so she know what we’re up to.  Whatever *that* means.  We all know that other kitties break in and cause trouble!

We’ve also been doing a lot of this:

Sure, it might LOOK like we’re napping, but there’s a lot of mental cogitation happening.  This is not related to *plotting*, no matter what mama says.

So that’s been our week in a nutshell.  And since you were derived of my mancatly visage yesterday, here’s a picture of me:

Blowing kisses at all of the ladycats out there!

Have a great day!

Friday Doings

Hey everyone, Lizzie again!  Well, it’s Friday, which means nothing to us cats (because it’s always Caturday), but this is mama’s six day work stretch and she’s in the middle of it.  To lessen the pain a little she bought herself a new hat:

It's a cloche, a bell shaped hat from the 1920's.

She might be taking it for the our imprisonment vacation.

In other news, it’s suddenly cold again here, so we are near mama’s feet keeping them warm.

"Are you warm enough over there?"

Isn’t my brother sweet?

Sometimes we like to lie on that power strip and “accidentally” turn it off, so that mama has to crawl underneath and turn it back on.  It’s one of the many services that we provide as resident cats!  Have a great weekend everyone!


"Something's diffferent!"

You look a little funny today….where’s your head?

"What are you talking about--I'm quite comfy!"

Welcome To Our New Home!

We’re so happy to be here!  We are hoping that things will work out smoother here.  We are still doing some construction, but things will be finished shortly.  The one thing mama hasn’t figured out yet is how to put up a picture for a header.  Any kitty mamas (and daddies) out there know how to do this in WordPress?  We welcome any suggestions for the new blog!  Thanks!

Our First Post

Welcome to our blog!  We are Elizabeth and Connor, two rescued kitties living with our mama.  We pretty much rule the house, and mama lets us use the laptop to report on all the happenings around here (once in a while we let her post, too.)  Please check out our profiles on the side bar.  Thanks for coming!