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Our Week On Vacation

Mama went back to work this weekend. We had great week off, just hanging out and taking naps in a big pile every day. Her parents are back in Wisconsin for the summer, so she got to visit with them too. She made a big pot of navy beans, buttermilk cornbread, and pork chops in a bourbon marinade for dinner one night, and everyone feasted!

She *did* get the decluttering urge one day, and scared us to death. There was a lot of furniture moving, banging, and boxes piling up all over the place! We hid under the bed until it was all over. And she claims she isn’t done yet!

Anyway, things are back to what passes for normal here at Chez Cat. Mama is working again so we have hours of quiet to catch up on our sleep. We’re exhausted!

Does this cat tree make my butt look big?

We’re Still Here…Sorta!

Hey everyone! We didn’t get kidnapped by aliens or anything! Mama was working a plethora of hours and just didn’t have the ambition to blog. We’ve been reading everyone’s posts, though!

Mama is on vacation now, and while we love having her home to give us scritches on demand, she got the spring cleaning bug bad and turned our world upside down! There’s bags and boxes to be donated that are sitting around, our cat tree is in the livingroom now, and the worst part–SHE MOVED OUR LITTER BOXES!!


She also bought another entertainment center, which means that there will be strange people walking through our house. We almost liked it better when she was working! Does anyone want to harbor us until the madness ends?

We Are Back!

We are back!  Mama went camping in the North Woods of Wisconsin and left us here at Chez Cat, which is a good thing because she was living outside, sat by the campfire,  and didn’t shower very much.  We’re glad we stayed home with the catsitter.  Really.

Anyway, she went to some crazy animal place where she got to touch goats, pigs, dwarf bunnies, and worst of all, give a prairie dog a tummy rub.  Don’t believe us?  Here’s video proof:



One really cool part of her trip was that she went to an old German lodge in Manitowish Waters, which is near Minocqua.  It’s called “Little Bohemia” and apparently John Dillinger hid there and had a shootout with the FBI.  The room is preserved and you can see all of the bullet holes and cracked plaster.  Here’s some pics.

This is where they filmed part of the movie “Public Enemies” with Johnny Depp.  There were pictures and posters of him and a lot of memorabilia for sale.  The food was really good, too.


Her week was mostly visiting with her parents, who work at the campground that they stayed at, talking by the campfire, eating too much food and drinking wine.  At night she was serenaded to sleep by the loons.  We’re not sure this would be a vacation that *we* would have chosen, but at least we weren’t packed off to the vet!

Anyway, we missed everyone and mama hit the evil “Mark All As Read” button on her Google Reader because there were too many posts, so forgive us if we don’t get around to everyone.  We’ll be bcak tomorrow for Femme Friday!


International Box day!

Mama got lazy and posted some old pics, but we do love our boxes!

Lizzie likes this one from mama's mini treadmill


The Queen loved order, so she chose this storage bin


I'm a rugged ooutdoorsy kind of guy, so I like the box from mama's folding camp chair


And speaking of rugged and outdoor, we’ll be off the air now until July 11th because mama will be working a ton of hours, then going on vacation.  She’ll be camping in the north woods of Wisconsin and enjoying bonfires and wild animals.  We’re staying here in the comfort of Chez Cat, but we told her to bring a grey wolf back for us to play with.  You don’t think that will be a problem, do you?  See you guys on the 11th!


Wow, mama got us a bunch of boxes!  Thanks mama!

Hey, wait a minute–a folding chair, a sleeping bag…what’s going on here?

VACATION?!  Who told you you can go on vacation?  You’re supposed to clear this stuff with us first!

Maybe if I lie in this box and pout she won’t go!  How could she leave a face like this?


Mama was having such a good time on her mini-vacation that she forgot to help us post yesterday!

“What do you mean you *lost* a day? Only kitties are allowed to do that!”

Good help is so hard to find these days!  We’ll be back tomorrow with “Femme Friday”.  Please forgive us!

We Are Back!

It’s Chez Cat mama here today.  What a whirlwind four days we had!  My parents drove all the way up from Texas and spent a week here to visit with the family.  They are leaving Wisconsin today and driving down to New Mexico to start part-time jobs.  Anyway, I spent the last four days with them.

On Saturday, we went to Old World Wisconsin, an outdoor museum.  We visited a lot when we were kids, but hadn’t been there in the last 15 years or so.  It consists of buildings and businesses that were built by different ethnic groups that settled in Wisconsin from the early 1800s to about 1915.  In each building there’s an interpreter dressed in period clothing who will tell the story of the family that lived there.  Here’s some photos to give you and idea.

One of the first churches in Wisconsin.
Inside the church; the altar was painted with feathers. That’s my father standing there.

Inside one of the houses, one of the interpreters was making cornbread.

Making bread the old-fashioned way.

The farms are actually being worked, so they have animals in the barns and crops that are grown.

One of the henhouses.
A pair of oxen

They have a schoolhouse with replicas of the books the children used.  They are for sale in the gift shop.

The schoolhouse is from Raspberry Bay in Northern Wisconsin.

They also hold events throughout the year.  On this particular weekend, they were having a country fair with livestock judging and music.  There was even a parade with the “mayor” in a wagon.

There were vegetables on display, dresses and bonnets for sale, and later on a picnic, but we weren’t there that late.  It was a good day and brought back a lot of memories!

On Sunday we brunched at The Packing House.  Here’s me with my parents.

Can you tell my mother is an old hippie?

Here’s all of us at the brunch, and yes, that is MY Bloody Mary–I deserved it!

The food was great!

My parents stayed with my mother’s brother, and they had a kitty that of course I had to love on.  Meet Muffy (or “knucklehead” as my uncle calls him).  He’s a Maine Coon and a total loverboy.

“Stop calling me names!”

All in all, it was a very nice long weekend with my parents.  They will be back in Wisconsin next April and work through the summer, so I will be able to see them more frequently.

And here’s a picture of my own babies who so patiently let me visit!

We hope you didn’t forget about us!

Here We Go!

Mama just told us we’re going off the air a little early, because she wants to wrap things up for school and get some things done around the house before her vacation.    We’ll still be posting on Facebook (which mama can’t live without) but the blog will be back on April 12 with all kinds of news and catly antics!  We’ll miss everyone!

"See you guys in April!"

Oh No!

We overheard mama talking to the vet this morning.  The words “boarding” and “exam” were used!

"Did we hear that correctly?"

This can only mean one thing–mama’s going away and leaving us somewhere!

"What do you mean you're going on vacation?"

Who gave her permission to do this?  She can’t just go off and leave us at the vet’s with a bunch of strange cats!  And an exam on top of that?  They might stick that thermometer you-know-where!!  Has school sucked all of your brains out?

What’s a kitty to do?  We need to keep our mama at home!