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Lizzie’s Condition

I finally got a message from the vet–Lizzie’s levels are back down to normal, so now I just have to get her weight back up.  She needs to put on three more pounds, so I have been indulging her a little.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a diet for kitties with pancreas problems?  I’ve looked stuff up online but I’m not sure what would be a good choice.  Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me through this crisis with my little girl!

Not The Vet!

Look at this face–you wouldn’t do that to me, would you?



Update: The vet said she was looking less jaundiced and drew some more blood, and won’t know the results until later today.  Lizzie has been eating and getting into mischief, so I’m not too worried about it.  Thanks again for everyone’s concern for my baby girl!  I’ll update again once I hear something.

A Message From Lizzie

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to say thank you for all of the good wishes that I received from all of you.  I am doing very well–eating, drinking, snuggling, and showering my mama with kisses.  She was very worried about me since I’m her special rescue kitty, and is doing everything in her power to make sure that I am taken care of.

And since I came out of hiding mama’s been taking pictures of me; here’s a picture of me from this morning:

I’m a little thinner now–the vet said that I lost almost two pounds.  We’re getting me fattened up again.  I was so scared at the vet!  I wouldn’t come out from under my blanket and they had to actually feed me under there.  Since I came home, though, I’ve been more sociable.

I have to go back to the vet in a few weeks so they can recheck my labs and make sure everything is OK.  I just hope that I don’t get left there for three days again!  That was scary!

So I just wanted to do a quick update and say hi to everyone!  Have a good Sunday!

Another Update On Lizzie

I talked to the doctor again last night, and she drew some more labs and got some of the results back.  She’s now thinking possible fatty liver disease or pancreatitis based on the level of bilirubin.  She’ll get the rest of the results back today.

The good news is that Lizzie seems to be doing better and is eating.  She is still at the vet but I’m hoping to be able to bring her home today.  I worked a twelve hour shift yesterday and when I got home, Connor yelled at me for a good half hour because he was alone for that whole time.  I’ll update later when I know more.  Thanks so much for your healing purrs and well-wishes!  I’ll be updating but won’t be doing a round on everyone’s blogs because I’m just too concerned for my baby girl.  Thanks for understanding.

Using my lasers to shine you home, sister Lizzie!

UPDATE:  I just spoke to the vet–it is indeed pancreatitis.  She’s going to try to get her to eat on her own before she sends her home this afternoon.  She has her on pain meds and a steroid right now and will send her home with some things.  I’m off for the next two days, so I’ll be able to watch her and see how she does.  I just want my baby girl home.

Sorry For The Silence!

Mama worked a lot of extra hours and got in some family time this past week.  We need some healing purrs, though.  Over the last few days Lizzie seems to have lost a few pounds, isn’t eating, and is hiding all the time.  She’s going to the vet today.  Paws crossed for us!

UPDATE: The vet thinks she has a hairball and so Lizzie is staying overnight while they give her barium to make her pass it. If she doesn’t, they will have to go in. I’m somewhat relieved, because I was afraid she was sick with something. Thanks for the good wishes everyone!