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Wisconsin Weather

Our weather has been very unsettled for the last few days. Right now it’s hailing and thundering, and it’s making us go crazy! We’re alternately hiding and having smackdowns and howling, and mama is yelling at us to stop. We can’t help it, we have to yell back at the thunder! Not because we’re scared, but because…..um….we have to show it who’s boss! Yeah, that’s it!

Don’t I look all wild and mancatly here?


Mama can never understand what’s so thrilling about a paper bag–it’s right up there with boxes that kitties have to inspect!  You just never know!

Mama is trying to find the motivation to put those Christmas decorations away–apparently she has to clean out the front closet first and organize it before putting them back.  And humans think WE’RE complicated!

In other news, we have been having yo-yo weather.  We went from 10 degrees and snow to about 35 degrees and rain in three days.  It’s pretty messy out there.  Mama is picking up extra hours at work because she’s going to desert us go on vacation in April.  As long as we don’t get put in jail again, that’s fine with us, but we’ll be lost without our daily dose of scritches and tummy rubs!

Mama made a roast chicken and veggies on Sunday night from the Pioneer Woman website (this is her latest obsession).  If you don’t know her, she’s a loopy redhead who likes to cook.  Mama says that sort of sounds familiar…

So that’s pretty much all the excitement we have right now.  And no, we didn’t get any chicken, but not for lack of trying.


Deep Freeze

It is -1 degree here at Chez Cat!  We have a snow storm advisory until tonight, so we’re all snuggled in to wait for it.  We have a lot of warm blankets and mama has a bottle of chocolate wine, so we’re pretty much set.

"Are you warm enough, Lizzie?"


Mama is all worried that this will affect the show she is going to see at the Riverside, Ghost Hunters Live, but don’t pay any attention to her.  She’s just going to drool all over that Grant Wilson guy again.

CSI: Milwaukee–The Case Of The Melted Kitties

A local Milwaukee homeowner woke this morning to find both of her cats melted into pools of fur.  There were no reports of any suspicious activity in the area.  “I just don’t understand it,” she said.  “Last night when I went to bed they were fine, and this morning they were both completely flat!”  A cause has yet to be determined.  Local police declined to make any comments, saying only that they are investigating the matter.


We Are Back!

And we are freezing!  What happened to spring?

"We're not moving from here until JUNE!"

In other news, our grandparents are heading up to Minoqua to a place called Patricia Lake, and will be working at a campground until September.  Mama is planning on going up for a week in July for a vacation.

We’ve also had a lot of boxes going on here.  Mama found a great deal on a desk and office chair, both of which are dark and show up our furs nicely.  Wasn’t that nice of mama?  (Note from mama–it’s a great desk from Sauder; After having cats for my whole life, I still haven’t figured out what color won’t show cat fur!)  She’s getting ready to go back to school part time in August, and needed more drawers and workspace.

There’s a rumor about lobster for dinner tomorrow night, too.  We’ll let you all know if we get any.  See you guys later!

Rainy Day

Since it’s mama’s day off and it’s raining out, she’s going to snuggle with us and read.  She got one of these things, and we’re not sure about it:


Sorry, the picture wouldn't rotate

It’s small and silent, and we can still try to sit on top of it when she’s staring into it and not paying attention to us, so we guess it’s OK.  Besides, who can resist not paying attention when we are curled up like this?

Mama’s Playing With The Camera

Mama filmed our morning routine with the new camera.  Heaven help us!




We’re Getting Blown Away!

It’s been scary here in Milwaukee–we’ve been having wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, and we’ve battened down the hatches!

If we just sink down in the corner of the couch, we won’t go flying away!

Mama has something called a “Skills Fair” at work, and won’t be able to comment today.   We’ll be thinking about you guys, though!

Hump Day

It’s been so nice out for the last few days (cool and dry) that we’ve been playing Thundering Herd of Elephants through the house.  Mama is off tomorrow, so we’ll be able to do it all day while she’s trying to clean–we love to hinder, er, *help*,  her when she’s home.  Here we are after playing this morning.

“No, we have no idea why the wastebaskets are knocked over. Why are you looking at us like that?”

Don’t we look great in silhouette?  Lizzie is even doing a bonus meatloaf kitty.  Mama forgot about yelling at us and just gave us pets instead.  Hee hee hee…it’s great to be a cat!  Have a good Wednesday!

We’re Flooding!

In lieu of Femme Friday, we wanted to tell you guys that we are under flood watch here in Milwaukee.  We’re dry at Chez Cat, but those north of us aren’t so lucky.  Our local news stations are reporting water on the east and north sides of the city.  Even our airport is closed, and we’re expecting more rain today and through the night!

Last night when mama was at work they called a “condition black”, so she had to get patients away from the windows and close all the doors.  Two of mama’s coworkers were two hours late because of the roads being closed.  We read that a rain gauge in Shorewood is saying that we received 11.6 inches of rain.  That’s a lot of water!  It’s possible it might happen again tonight.

I hope all of you aren’t too badly affected!

So we’re just lying low here, and so far we are dry and safe.  Mama has the A/C on (of course) so the windows are closed.  Those of you in our area, stay safe and we hope you aren’t flooded out!