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Friday and Toesies–Again

Finally it’s Friday!  That means payday and the weekend off.  The weather people are saying it’s supposed to be nice out, so maybe we’ll get the Feather Channel on our Cat TV.  Mama is going to be doing stuff for school (big surprise).  We’ll be supervising things and napping.

A strange thing happened the other day.  Our groceries came to the house!  A guy came to our door with several bags of food and mama let him in!

"What the heck?"

She’s letting people IN now?  This isn’t in our contract!  This is OUR house and we can’t have strange people wandering through our house!

We were so upset we retired to the bedroom to talk about it.

"People are coming and going and we have no say in it! Who's head of this place--us or her?"

And of course the fact that we had our feet lined up made mama take a picture of that, too!

Where will it end?  Strangers are invading, mama is torturing us with the flashy box, we’re being shipped off in a few weeks while she leaves the state–is this any way to treat a cat?  We’re seriously going to renegotiate our contract!  We may even have to start a union!  Who’s with us?