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Mama can never understand what’s so thrilling about a paper bag–it’s right up there with boxes that kitties have to inspect!  You just never know!

Mama is trying to find the motivation to put those Christmas decorations away–apparently she has to clean out the front closet first and organize it before putting them back.  And humans think WE’RE complicated!

In other news, we have been having yo-yo weather.  We went from 10 degrees and snow to about 35 degrees and rain in three days.  It’s pretty messy out there.  Mama is picking up extra hours at work because she’s going to desert us go on vacation in April.  As long as we don’t get put in jail again, that’s fine with us, but we’ll be lost without our daily dose of scritches and tummy rubs!

Mama made a roast chicken and veggies on Sunday night from the Pioneer Woman website (this is her latest obsession).  If you don’t know her, she’s a loopy redhead who likes to cook.  Mama says that sort of sounds familiar…

So that’s pretty much all the excitement we have right now.  And no, we didn’t get any chicken, but not for lack of trying.



We’re Getting Blown Away!

It’s been scary here in Milwaukee–we’ve been having wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, and we’ve battened down the hatches!

If we just sink down in the corner of the couch, we won’t go flying away!

Mama has something called a “Skills Fair” at work, and won’t be able to comment today.   We’ll be thinking about you guys, though!

Quick Update

Hey everyone!  We’ve been AWOL because our secretary–AKA mama–has been working crazy hours at work and hasn’t been awake enough to create a coherent post for us.  Things are back to normal now and we’ll have our Mancat Monday post up tomorrow!

I’m not sure if Lizzie is snuggling or putting a wrestling move on Connor!

No Worries and Queen Lily

Oh, no, go right ahead and go to work–we’ll be OK napping here!

“And could you pick something up for supper on the way home?”

Mama always seems grumpy when we’re lounging and she’s getting ready to go to work–we’re not sure why that is.

We’ve added a new page to our blog.  We wanted to tell all of you about Queen Lily, mama’s diva kitty.  She only lived to the age of six, was so magnificent mama wanted to share her story.  It says a lot about shelter kitties!

Have a great Wednesday!  Now to place that order for take-out….

Resting Up For The Weekend

Maybe if we take a long nap we’ll get to the weekend faster!


Mama is happy to be off this weekend; however, she signed up for a twelve hour shift today and is grumpy about it.  Why do humans agree to do things then get mad at themselves for it?  And they say kitties don’t make any sense!

Anyway, she’ll have time over the weekend to update her cooking blog, so watch for it.  Have a good Friday!

Hump Day

Hey everyone, it’s Lizzie here.  There’s nothing like wrassling in a sun patch!  We had just finished a match and are going back to our corners.

Getting ready for the next round!

I like to give Connor a daily smackdown to remind him who’s boss.  It also keeps both of us fit!

It’s Wednesday here, and mama has three more days to work before her weekend off (she’s only off every other weekend), so we do our best to entertain her on her work days.  She’s been picking up a lot of overtime to pay for school in fall, so she can be cranky and not a lot of fun.  We think she really appreciates our efforts to cheer her up, because she calls us her “furry Prozac”.  That’s a good thing, right?

She says thank you for the responses to her cooking blog, also!  It’s been hot, so something cold will be in her next post.  Have a good Wednesday!

Boy, Is It Wednesday!

"Yes, we know your work uniforms are underneath us. And your point is?"

Mama thought she was off today, but realized this morning that she signed up to work an extra eight hour shift (don’t you hate it when humans do that?  She’s kicking herself!).  We’re hoping that she gets canceled so she can stay home with us!  We’re going to sit in this basket until she finds out if she has to go in!

It has been hot and humid for the last three days!  We’ve all been hiding in the air conditioned house.  We’d all like to sit in some cold water and eat ice cream all day!  Stay cool, kitties and humans!