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Mancat Monday

Mama went to Petsmart yesterday.  She claimed that she was getting us new food, but we heard from a reliable source that she was ogling birdies, piggies, and of all things–woofies!  She even made a stop by the cat adoption center and was blowing kisses at the kitties to wish them luck.

So when she got home, we were all ready to give her a major ignoring until she opened the bag and pulled something out that smelled REALLY good.

Look!  Our first Wubbas!

Wubbas mean I’m a real mancat now! (That’s my ear in the corner)

And mama even took my first movie of it. It’s a little dark because the sun was going down.  Hope this works for everyone!

One of mama’s friends gave her a bigger Christmas tree, so she plans on doing some major rearranging of furniture to put it up on Wednesday.  We’ll be back to show you all of the chaos!